Jose H Gonzalez, Ed.D.

My name is Jose, I am an Experiential Educator, Outdoor Programs Manager, SUP Instructor Trainer and a Lifestyle Fitness Coach.  As you will see in this blog, my passion are: education, technology, learning theory, stand up paddleboarding, sailing, management, fitness and leadership development.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge as well as learning from you.  Cheers!



  • 20 years of experience teaching in the outdoors (sailing, sea kayaking, rock-climbing, and outdoor skills).
  • 12 years of experience working for Outward Bound.
  • 10 years of Higher Education teaching experience, face-to-face and online.
  • Entrepreneurship experience- Started Aire Libre and Endurance Staffing.
  • 10 years of experience managing Outdoor and Recreation Programs.
  • US Coast Guard licensed Captain (50 Tons, with sail endorsement).
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer.
  • ACA Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor Trainer.

My full resume is located here:http://www.linkedin.com/in/josehgonzalez

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My teaching and learning philosophy

My teaching and learning philosophy is based on the constructivist and pragmatic theories with a humanistic approach to it. To explain my philosophy I want to start by citing Eduard Lindenman, 1926 (from Knowles, 1998); “Experience is the adult learner’s living textbook”.  Based on this statement, I like to provide the adult learner with common background knowledge using a constructivist approach. In this way, I am not lecturing information but instead the learner is creating his/her own mental schema through a concrete experience. This active experience could be anything from reading a book to interacting with objects to running a recreation program. This combines the constructivist approaches that the learner constructs his/her own knowledge, (based on Piagets’ theory of assimilation and accommodation) and Deweys’ “learning by doing” pragmatic approach to acquiring knowledge through experiences. The pragmatic philosophy places the students and their needs and interests on center stage as opposed to putting the subject matter at the center of the educational focus (Knight, 1989). In addition, the humanistic approach provides a sense of self actualization, personal involvement, self initiation, evaluation by the learner and its essence is meaningful (Knowles, 1998). This humanistic approach is based on Carl Roger and Maslow’s elements of humanistic psychology.

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Contact me:

Email: josehgonzalez@live.com

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